Choose the time interval that best suits the hardness of the food (always consider the hardest type of food on your plate). Chew it Well measures the time intervals when you should take a bite, it helps you keep to the selected time interval. Take care to not move above your telephone for a while after you have taken some food.



Take a look at how successful you were at keeping to your planned time intervals while eating. The graphic analyses help you recognise your eating habits and learn the correct eating speed. Analyse the last 5 meals in the current category, and you will get a comprehensive picture of how well you have learned the given timing.



It’s easier together! Join in the competition, you can be the most precise eater! You don’t win if you are the fastest or even if you are the slowest. The winner is the person who can most accurately take spoonfuls at the given times. Lose weight and eat healthily and have fun while doing it! Get your friends to join in and help them with it too!

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