Friday, April 19th, 2013

Lose weight with fun – the first app that recognizes how you eat

Chew it Well has been released in the iTunes AppStore, get the licence now on half price introductory discount!

slide-1Chew it well is coming from the health care, as a result of a research made for increasing life quality by helping people chew the food they eat well. This is the first and unique App that works as a sensor and measures how you scoop interactively without any additional hardware device.

It is very important for the digestive system to have each bite of food well chewed, as then it improves digestion radically. Chew it Well as a motion sensor measures when the eater scoops and helps to do it with the right periods. At the end the eater joins the contest to be the most precise eater in the world! It’s natural, fun and healthy.

In the competition the winner is that person, who can keep the scoop periods the most precise, not longer and not shorter than they should be.

Chew it Well is the only diet application that makes an interaction with the user without any additional equipment. Just place down the phone right besides the plate where you move your hand, and let the App work. It will measure your movement with the fraction of seconds to train and measure how you eat.

Losing weight with fun? Yes, it is not only healthy, but if the right periods between each scoop are kept, then less food will result in being fed than it would eating in a hurry. If the eater stops eating at that point, then fewer calories will be earned, meanwhile the eater is fully satisfied. Chew it Well will help in that in a very funny way. After a while Chew it Well asks whether the eater is really hungry, and will repeat it with a period until the scooping is finished (this can be turned off – but why would anyone do that? J).

There are two default skins built in into the App, and they look so good that surely the eater will find the right one to love: one for showing that this is a pro App for healthcare, the other for making fun.

The App is available in English, German and Hungarian languages.

Download chew it well now to get healthy, lose weight, and improve your quality of life in a measurable way.